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Bought brand new FALKEN TIRES. Tire went flat one month after purchasing. I lost time from work july 1st. Yes, im very angry.

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Bought a set of Falken Wild Peak HT tires have almost 13000 miles on them. Tires have been constantly getting out of balance and the ride getting worse. Now this is a new model Wild Peak HT they no longer make. Wonder why? My tire light came on and I pulled over within minutes, this happened a few days after tire shop visit. The tire was completely shredded the entire circumference was open wide open. I wish I would of taken a picture. I have... Read more

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When my car has been parked for a while it seems like the tires get flat spots and when I *** on the freeway about 55 to 65 miles an hour they're out of balance. After driving about 5 miles they seem to smooth out. 225/55/17 about 3000 miles on tires

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I purchased falken 185/65 today, the side wall teared with in 90 km of drive. very cheap quality tyres.

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I recently got 4 tires in November. One tire has lost air twice as fast as the other 3. Twice I had to put air in. So I went back to the shop, they checked for a leak and couldn't find one. I asked about the pressure, he said all four were low. 3 at 23 psi and 1 (the problem one) at 20 psi. He then told me that I need to fill them once a month. I've never in my almost 30 years ever had this issue until now. He then told me, if they are in the... Read more

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I bougth a set of four tires for my Kia Sorento 2012 from Discount Tire Store in Oceanside, CA. . After the first 10,000 miles, I visited the dealer for tires rotation. After the rotation, I noticed noise coming from the tires, noise is like a "zoomer" typical to pick up trucks with larger tires. I thought after few miles may go away. After 4,000 miles I visited the Discount Tire Store for rotation again with hope it will reduce the... Read more

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I purchased these tires for my Volvo XC70 2010. I loved them so much I did some research as I wanted to get them again. 41k miles on my car. Think it's time to replace.

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Just bought 4 of these Falkin tires one year ago. With only 6,000 miles on them, ALL 4 have been losing tire pressure quickly. It started one month ago. I had the tires filled to pressure, but 3.5 weeks later, AGAIN my tire pressure sensor light goes on and AGAIN ALL 4 tires were low! Thankfully, I got these at a good place and they are working with me on this. They could not find any other reason why these tires should be leaking air like... Read more

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Bought set of Falken Sincera, 80,000 mile, 720 treadware 14 months 25,000 miles later tires start spliting on tread, very dangerous, went back to place I purchased them and they no longer cary Falken and won't stand behind Falken products period.

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I bought 4 new Falken tires from Discount Tire company on Sept. 10 a month ago , a month and half later , with two thousand miles on the tires, the tread on the front tires came off. They pretty much look like slicks for racing! I went back to discount tire to complain, and they tell me its a mechanical problem on my car. I asked the manager if he was a mechanic and he said no! So I told him "how would you know then"! Long story short, he... Read more

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