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I bougth a set of four tires for my Kia Sorento 2012 from Discount Tire Store in Oceanside, CA. . After the first 10,000 miles, I visited the dealer for tires rotation. After the rotation, I noticed noise coming from the tires, noise is like a "zoomer" typical to pick up trucks with larger tires. I thought after few miles may go away. After 4,000 miles I visited the Discount Tire Store... Read more

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I purchased these tires for my Volvo XC70 2010. I loved them so much I did some research as I wanted to get them again. 41k miles on my car. Think it's time to replace. Add comment

Just bought 4 of these Falkin tires one year ago. With only 6,000 miles on them, ALL 4 have been losing tire pressure quickly. It started one month ago. I had the tires filled to pressure, but 3.5 weeks later, AGAIN my tire pressure sensor light goes on and AGAIN ALL 4 tires were low! Thankfully, I got these at a good place and they are working with me on this. They could not find any other... Read more

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Bought set of Falken Sincera, 80,000 mile, 720 treadware 14 months 25,000 miles later tires start spliting on tread, very dangerous, went back to place I purchased them and they no longer cary Falken and won't stand behind Falken products period. Add comment

Review about Falken Tires from San Antonio, Texas
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I bought 4 new Falken tires from Discount Tire company on Sept. 10 a month ago , a month and half later , with two thousand miles on the tires, the tread on the front tires came off. They pretty much look like slicks for racing! I went back to discount tire to complain, and they tell me its a mechanical problem on my car. I asked the manager if he was a mechanic and he said no! So I told him... Read more

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Bought 4 tires had less than 12000 on them. first the front tire the side wall and tread pealed away in one piece as we were driving 70 mph. One month later back tire same thing the cords were showing though each time! Two months after that the other back tire SAME THING. OK just changed the other front started bouncing BAD took it off. Same thing missing rubber on the inside corner nothing but... Read more

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I bought all4brand new falken tires for my Chevrolet trail blazer on 2/23/15 and I've had 6-7 flat tires over and over :( till this day 6/2/15 just came back (again) from firestone! I'm a single mom of two girls and this is the last thing I need! :( these are horrible tires!!!!!!! Add comment

Bought tires for Mercedes they didn't last one year.. I don't drive car much.thought car had problem but all was related to tires.. I have pictures of tires they were in bad bad shape.. Need help Add comment

I bought 4 new all-weather Falken tires in September. I live in Maine so it gets pretty bad in the winter time. When winter showed up and the first time I drove in the snow, i slipped and slided and had no traction whatsoever. Had my car checked, nothing wrong. Tires are not good in snowy weather at all! I cant drive too fast or too close to anyone because if i have to brake suddenly, im not... Read more

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Garbage, absolute trash! My 80 yo Mom got 22K on the first set, and 17K on the second... Read more

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