Just bought 4 of these Falkin tires one year ago. With only 6,000 miles on them, ALL 4 have been losing tire pressure quickly.

It started one month ago. I had the tires filled to pressure, but 3.5 weeks later, AGAIN my tire pressure sensor light goes on and AGAIN ALL 4 tires were low! Thankfully, I got these at a good place and they are working with me on this. They could not find any other reason why these tires should be leaking air like this so it is looking like it might be something to do with the valves.

I would NEVER buy Falkins again.

I never had any tire problems with any other brand that I've owned for the past 40 years until I got these Falkins.

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Ada, Ohio, United States #1190732

have the rims bead-sealed. problem will go away.


I will never buy these tires again, neither. The front tires went bald in less than a year.

Torrance, California, United States #1115325

I recently got 4 tires in November. One tire has lost air twice as fast as the other 3.

Twice I had to put air in. So I went back to the shop, they checked for a leak and couldn't find one. I asked about the pressure, he said all four were low. 3 at 23 psi and 1 (the problem one) at 20 psi.

He then told me that I need to fill them once a month. I've never in my almost 30 years ever had this issue until now. He then told me, if they are in the sun, air will escape. I told him that these tires are never sitting in the sun.

My other car does all the time and doesn't have that issue.

So Falkens are just horrible. Never again!

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